Monday, January 5, 2015

Light and Neuroscience

In this image we see individual synapes being activated by light. The experiment performed by researched from the University College London shows the use of light for activating parts of the brain in an experiemental context and the roll that beams of light play in this process.
What is interesting about the image from an artists point of view is the context of the image and possibility for alternative interpretation of the image which looks like a beautiful forrest. Also the image provides an interesting contrast to to my current art practice of projecting light onto the outside of the body. Here we the interior of the brain being "lit up". Very much part of the the trent toward direct stimulation of the brain. It is in fact an image showing  the brain of a mouse, the green colour is a type dye that has been introduced into the body of the mouse to show the reaction of the the brain to the laser.

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